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For 3rd Year Students, Parents/Guardians

From Mr Kerrisk, Principal

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of third year students:

I hope you are all well . I wish to give you information on the report that each third year student in our school will receive this year . This is a replacement for the JCPA (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) :

By mid June the school will issue a report to each student in third year which will show their result for CBA1 and CBA2 where these have been completed over the past two years. They will also receive a grade or a descriptor which will reflect their junior cycle journey for the past three years and this will encompass a number of elements of the students (eg work ethic, previous test/exam performances , home work, etc..) In subjects which are not yet part of the new Junior cycle (Home Economics, Maths, History , Music, Geography, Technology subjects etc..) a grade will be given or in some cases teachers in a particular subject may also opt to give a descriptor as opposed to a grade.

Also in the new school year the Department of Education and Skills will issue a certificate to all students in third year stating that they have officially completed their three years of Education and will have their subjects listed.

In addition to that, we will issue a comprehensive School Report which will carry the information as per the June report (outlined above) but will also have information on Other areas of Learning and learning experiences which students have had over the three years . There will also be a reflection on their learning experiences in the whole area of Wellbeing . Templates are being developed to accommodate this information and it is expected that these reports will be compiled in September /October of the new school year 20/21.
Overall there will be comprehensive information and certification which will accurately reflect the Junior cycle journey that each of our third year students have experienced.

I thank you once again and wish everyone a safe and relaxed Summer . I also want to thank and acknowledge all the third year teachers for their work and in particular Year Head Ms. Yvette Jennings and Class Teachers Ms. Mc Govern and Ms. Brennan for their care and interest and guidance given to the third year class on their three year journey.

Best wishes

B. Kerrisk, Principal

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