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Mercy Day 2017

Mt St Michael reflects on What it is to be Mercy in 2017.
Mercy Day 2017


What Is It To Be Mercy?
If we are to honor our history, implement our vision and live out our mission, we must echo the tenderness of Christ Jesus, the courage of Catherine McAuley and the dreams of those who have gone before us.
We must gather the young, welcome the stranger and teach as Jesus did. We must create hallways of compassion, lessons of justice and gifts that impel. If we are to trust the call put before us, we must create an institution whose soul is Mercy.

Bless us as we seek ways to be faithful to that tradition
in the times and places where we find ourselves. Continue
to plant our seeds of Mercy in our lives and world, water them
with the rain of compassion so that we might enjoy a harvest
of justice and peace. Amen

The Mercy Tradition
Founded by a daring and courageous woman, Catherine McAuley, in Dublin in 1831,
the Sisters of Mercy have always shown great compassion for those who suffer, are
poor or vulnerable. The Sisters have a heritage of breaking new ground, particularly
when addressing the injustices seen in society.

 We strive to follow Christ’s example and focus our organizational commitment
to serve …
 To follow Jesus Christ is to work for gospel justice and to stand in solidarity with
all of humankind: this is to work to ensure that all people share in the goods of
the earth in a way that recognizes the equal dignity of all people.

Mercy Education - Vision
 To build an enduring capacity and passion to serve those with special needs. In the service to the
poor of Dublin, Catherine taught young people life skills that would build a sustainable capacity to
serve them well for the rest of their life.
 It is a vision that urges us to be alert to the needs of our time, to serve with passion, to ensure
sustainability, to focus on special needs and stretch ourselves to do more.
 Our values are drawn from the Gospel and are the key to who we are. They reflect our culture and
traditions; they indicate our aspirations as to how our people interact with one another and with those
we serve ...
 Compassion  Respect  Innovation  Stewardship  Teamwork

We are DELIGHTED to be named No 3 in 57 County Cork Schools - What an achievement and we are also named No 10 in the Mixed Schools of Ireland. We are very proud of this and well doe to our school community who work so hard to achieve this success!
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