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Our outgoing 6th Year Students!

Letter to our 6th Years
Our outgoing 6th Year Students!

To all our outgoing 6th Years:

I want to acknowledge once again the difficult and challenging six months that you have been through since lockdown on March 12th. You had to finish your secondary normal school life so abruptly and move to online learning and zoom classes, to Calculated Grades. Your celebrations on finishing secondary school could not happen and you missed out on so much due to the pandemic which is unfortunately still with us.

However, time has moved on from closure due to Covid19, and now your Results will be available on this Monday September 7th.

The information below outlines the procedures but please note, there is no longer access to Class Ranking until further clarification from the Minister. This is note in the Correction from the Minister below.

If you need to contact school personnel please ring 023-8848114 and you can speak to myself or Ms Keohane or the Guidance Counsellor. You can also email us directly and in confidence through email addresses shown below: or or

As you celebrate on Monday please do so safely and in line with public health guidelines. We wish you all every success in your future careers and all here at Mount Saint Michael wish to congratulate you on completing the Leaving Certificate and on your results. Irrespective of grades, you all have so much to offer and we look forward with interest to hear of your success in college, on apprenticeships, in the work force etc.

Wherever you are, we hope you will be really happy and enjoy this next chapter in your lives. We are very proud of you all.

You will always be part of our Mount Saint Michael community.

Good Luck and every success.

Mr. Kerrisk


IMPORTANT Booklet ....Click here:

The information in that booklet stated that 'the estimated mark given by the school and the class ranking, (but not the ranking of other students), will be available until Monday 14th September (via Student Portal)'. This was correct at the time of publication and was a copy and paste from the D.E.S. website. Since then, these instructions have change. On Monday 14th September, students will have access (via student portal) to the calculated grade awarded by their school. At that time students will have not have access to their ranking position within their class. At a later date, the D.E.S will publish the mechanism for students to follow as to how they can access their class ranking.

The National Helpline was launched this morning culminating in months of hard work from our organization team. The number to ring is 1800265165
The National Parents Council Post Primary (NPCPP) Leaving Certificate Helpline 2020, staffed by qualified and experienced guidance counsellors will deliver one to one advice over the coming week as the results are released and the CAO offers issued. These guidance counsellors are members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC). This is a critical time for the students and all their families when support is especially welcome.

Note: Book Rental 1st, 2nd & 3rd
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