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Dear parents and students,

Dear parents and students :

As we come to the end of the second week of school closure due to the current public health issue and as we have heard that schools will remain closed until April 19th I just want to say well done so far to the students , parents and staff who have been engaging with the various distance learning platforms .

Likewise for your observation of social distancing and the minimising of contact with the public as these steps are so vital in the current situation.

Everybody is by now set up and work is well underway mostly on EDMODO and other platforms as well. Feedback is happening on an ongoing basis . Feedback will inform any changes we may need to make in order to continue to improve. All with the intention of maximising each students learning in these challenging days.

I want to say again that every body's welfare in these days is so important . When school reopens and when life will be normalised again , and it will be, everybody will continue with the fullest of support from school authorities and staff as well as the Department of Education and Skills.

Remain calm and composed . Your best security for your own protection from this virus is to strictly stay at home except for essential visits elsewhere.

Physical distancing is the key to this country being rid of this virus and that is a duty we all can practice as well as the catching of your cough or sneeze.

As time goes on and we will all feel we need to meet with friends , extended family etc.. That is very natural but for the moment we will have to think again about the possible effects of that . Do, however, get your exercise in but don't forget to do so in a safe setting and keeping your distance.

Third and sixth years do have to engage with their teachers . If that has not happened please make it happen today as teachers are anxious too . The Leaving certificate written exams it would seem will be going ahead but there is no detail on that at this point. We have to go on the assumption that they will be happening .

Any distance learning platform is only going to be as good as the two way open communication with teachers and students that is created.

Any support you may want by way of counselling/guidance or any other support that you may need now or in the days ahead can be got by letting us know on

It is natural to worry about exams, your academic progress , family and friends, etc. in this situation . But we can only do what we can do ...follow all the guidelines , be responsible as an individual and likewise with regard to engaging with your teachers . Everybody is in the same position so we all work together..

Be safe and we will continue to keep in touch .

Best regards

B. Kerrisk



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