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Principals' Update May 1st

Of particular interest to Junior Cert Parents

Dear students/parents/guardians,

I hope you are well .

I want to communicate the following to you after we received certain information and guidelines as well as consulted widely on a number of issues relating to school .

1. There will be no fees for Junior cycle students this year as the exams as we know them will not be taking place.

2. Leaving certificate fees : the payment deadline for these has been extended to a date after the exams take place and that exact date will be notified in due course.

3. All families should have received a phone call from a member of the school staff by this afternoon and I want to thank families and the staff of the school for engaging in that very important communication which was a mutual support.

4. As we gave clarification earlier on how students (except 3rd years) will have assessment reports compiled I now want to clarify the situation for third years :

Context : students in our schools completing their third year of Junior Cycle in 2020 have experienced a very disrupted period of learning in 19/20 school year because of the unprecedented nature of the Covid 19 crisis. Teachers and schools have exercised a variety of approaches to mitigate the effects of this disrupted schooling. We appreciate the various reasons that the learning experience for many students has been varied and in many cases through no fault of their own.

While many students have completed their CBA's , assessment tasks ,etc. the normal range of assessment activities cannot be concluded consistently for all students.
In this context , the use of the Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement is not an appropriate reporting and certification mechanism on 2020.

As an alternative the following is the arrangement for our 3rd year students in Mt. St. Michael :

For 2020 the learning achievement of all our third year students will be recognised through the following specific form of certification designed to meet the current , exceptional circumstances presented by the current covid 19 pandemic . This certification will involve two elements :

* A state certificate of completion of Junior Cycle from the Department of Education and Skills


* A school report setting out the learning achievements of students in Junior cycle (3 years).

The school report will include/consider all the learning over the three years including up to the end of May 2020. . This report will largely be coming from their teachers . The school year will officially finish on May 29th.

It is of the utmost importance , where students can, to engage with your teachers in the next 4 weeks and to find out exactly their work plan for you until the end of the month.

The report will issue from the school in mid June and will carry descriptors/grades as appropriate in each subject area and the report will also have other areas of achievement/participation for students where that can be done .

I hope that clarifies the position . There will be no JCT related examinations in the new school year from September 2020 and this clarification will be welcome by all.

Again , thank you , students and family members and the staff of the school for the engagement in the past weeks and in the remaining weeks in challenging and unprecedented circumstances

Keep well and safe and for as long as we are advised to do so in the continuing fight against the spread of covid 19- keep your safe distances , keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Every good wish

Bart Kerrisk

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