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On April 3rd, 2017 Liam Doocey visited our school and delivered a presentation on safe use of the Internet to junior cycle students. He particularly focused on values, attitudes and beliefs and on the Internet relates to young peoples’ lives.

Liam Doocey has worked as a professional youth worker in Cork for over twenty five years. He holds an MA in Youth and Community Studies from Brunel University and a BA in Humanities from UCC. He is a trained life coach and holds additional qualifications in in Sexual Health, Drugs Counselling and Intervention, Suicide Awareness and Child Protection. He has extensive experience working with young people and families.

In advance of his visit, students were asked to fill out a questionnaire on the topic of the Internet and how it relates to their lives. The answers given formed the foundation of his presentation to the students.

Liam encouraged students to focus on the importance of balance in their lives. He stressed the importance of play time, focus on studies, connecting with other people, physical activity, relaxation/me time and of course sleep. There was a lively discussion on the negative impact of taking the phone to the bedroom at night. Most students do take the phone to their bedroom at night and admitted that being online late did affect their performance at school.

The presentation then covered the topic of supports for young people. Liam stressed the importance of confiding in family, friends and adults they trusted when they found themselves in difficult situations such as online bullying,

Later that evening, parents were invited to meet Liam in the Celtic Ross Hotel and hear a presentation on the same topic. This presentation focused on issues such as communication, setting boundaries and dealing with issues which may arise. Useful websites for parents were provided such as:, and

Results of the questionnaires given to students proved very interesting








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