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Mission Statement

Mount Saint Michael is a Mercy Secondary School inspired by the charisma of Catherine McAuley: "to fit the students for earth without unfitting them for Heaven" and and the CEIST [Catholic Education: An Irish Schools Trust] Charter.


We impart Christian values through the pursuit of academic excellence, whilst promoting the qualities of respect, care, justice through a strong work ethos in an inclusive and safe environment. We aspire to nurturing the self-worth and self-confidence of each individual in our school community, through their spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, emotional, physical, cultural, aesthetic and technological development, to meet the changes of an ever demanding world. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, recognising the unique ability of each individual student, in an environment where reciprocal support from the Board of Management, staff, students, parents and the local community is fostered and encouraged. [Revised & updated 2018-2019]

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  • Think With Respect
  • Speak With Respect
  • Act With Respect
  • Live With Respect


Mt. St. Michael strives through its philosophy and ethos to stress the importance of sound Christian principles. The school in the community keeps itself in touch with everyday life happenings for the students in its care. The school offers a range of programmes and subjects that cater for the diverse and many needs of students. Pastoral care continues to be one of the school’s strongest points.


Mount Saint Michael is now under the auspices of CEIST – Catholic Education, an Irish Schools Trust, thus providing a new moral and legal trustee framework enabling their schools to continue to offer post-primary Catholic education into the future as a viable option and as an integral part of the Irish school system. CEIST is built on the founding vision of the five Congregations, emphasising the dignity and rights of the human person, empowering the most vulnerable in society and enabling young people to become catalysts for social transformation throughout the world.


At Mount Saint Michael, we aim to create an environment where all young people feel valued and part of a working environment which is positive and productive. Every effort is made to encourage positive behaviour. We aim to do this by creating a culture of praise. We believe young people should be rewarded for good behaviour, effort and work. This will be done both formally and informally.

We are DELIGHTED to be named No 3 in 57 County Cork Schools - What an achievement and we are also named No 10 in the Mixed Schools of Ireland. We are very proud of this and well doe to our school community who work so hard to achieve this success!
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