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New Junior Cycle

Presentation give by Ms Keohane to 2nd Year Parents on Wednesday 9th January CLICK ON LINK BELOW


This highlights specific changes for current 2nd years 2018-19 and goes through in detail the CBAs (Classroom Based Assessments) and ATs (Assessment Tasks) for this cohort of students.

Note: the subjects that are changed ...ENGLISH, SCIENCE, BUSINESS, FRENCH, IRISH and ART. All other subjects remain unchanged.


◆ 8 Principles, 24 Statements of Learning and 8 Key Skills

◆Junior Cycle v Junior Certificate

◆Why change is needed in Junior Cycle & Purpose

◆What will be different & What stays same?

◆Key Skills and Well Being


◆Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

◆Subject changes for 2nd Years


The following link will bring parents to a new information leaflet for parents on the new Junior Cycle programme released recently:


The certification at Junior Cycle is changing. When your son/daughter completes the three-year
Junior Cycle s/he will receive a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

The way English, Business Studies, Irish & French, Art and Science are being assessed is different to what it was
before. These subjects will continue to have an exam in June 2019. These subjects will not be
awarded grades using the A-NG system. They will be awarded one of the grade descriptors with
the following values:

 Distinction 90 – 100%
 Higher Merit 75 – 89%
 Merit 55 – 74%
 Achieved 40 – 54%
 Partially Achieved 20 – 39%
 Not Graded 0 – 19%

Before June, in 3rd year, there will be an Assessment Task (AT), which will be sent to the State
Examinations Commission (SEC) for external marking. This AT will be worth 10% of the final
mark of the June exam.

Students will have two Classroom Based Assessments (CBA’s) in each of the three above named
subjects –one in 2nd year and one in 3rd year (except Irish has no CBA in this current year) . The grade descriptors for each CBA will be one of the following:

 Exceptional
 Above Expectations
 In Line with Expectations
 Yet to Meet Expectations

Each of your son/daughter’s CBA’s will be assessed by the subject department in the school
linked to that CBA.

The JCPA will contain

1. The results of the exams in June 2020
2. The descriptors of the Classroom Based Assessments
3. Three statements of ‘Other Areas of Learning’.

A brief note on ‘Other Areas of Learning’:
This is an opportunity for students to have a voice in the wording of one aspect of their JCPA.
Students are encouraged during their three junior years to take part in activities
outside of the core curriculum. These may include activities such as sports, Green Schools, volunteering for school events, debating, chess club,
choir, art projects and so on. They must then choose four of these activities where they gained
a benefit, used a skill or learned something new. At the end of third year they will be asked to
submit their four ‘Other Areas of Learning’ and they will then be uploaded onto their JCPA.
The following are key dates for the two CBA’s and the AT that your son/daughter will do
before sitting the exams in June 2020.

More information about what each CBA and the AT entails will be given to your son/daughter
from his/her subject teacher. It is advised that you encourage your son/daughter to maintain
great focus, full attendance and additional effort during the periods of the CBA’s and the AT’s.
Students must be in attendance on the specific day(s) of each AT.

Further information is available on OR ON JCT.IE

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